Recycled Polyolefins (R-PE & R-PP)

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Recycling markets that include recycled polyolefins are growing increasingly complex. As new regulation comes into effect, supply chains mature, disruptive technologies such as chemical recycling develop, and consumer pressure against single use plastic intensifies. To make the most of new opportunities in recycled polymers, it is vital to understand, anticipate and evaluate the impact of new regulation. This includes brand sustainability targets, disruptive technologies and supply and demand shifts – both on your business and the wider industry.

We provide comprehensive coverage across the recycled polyolefins chain, with separate reports for recycled polyethylene and recycled polypropylene. The recycled materials sector can be complex to keep on top of. We cover 22 separate grades of material across the entire value chain, from waste bales through to pellets, spanning both post-consumer and post-industrial sectors, and injection moulding and blow-moulding material. This extensive coverage is one of the reasons why we are the most trusted benchmark position on recycled polyolefins in Europe; we also ensure you never miss the latest industry developments.




Our extensive network of experts have led the way on recycling market and recycled polyolefins intelligence since 2006. We have benchmark positions across the three most traded recycling markets, (R-PET, R-PE and R-PP) along with unrivalled depth of coverage.


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