Industrial Ethanol remains in demand as a solvent and for chemical synthesis

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A large outlet for Ethanol is as a fuel, oxygenate additive to gasoline and a gasoline extender

Ethanol has a variety of uses: as a fuel, an additive and as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of various other chemicals and products. Keeping up-to-speed on supply and demand issues, import and export movements and price direction builds trading and negotiating confidence and ensures you can make the most of specific ethanol opportunities as they arise. Having access to trusted market intelligence is essential.

We provide everything you need from actionable real time market news to weekly price updates. Our ethanol market experts also monitor the bigger picture. That includes upstream analysis of feedstocks, driving patterns (for fuel demand) and corn or sugarcane harvests. We also look downstream for the impact of seasonal demand factors, shifting relationships with competing commodities, and the impact of demand shifts from specific areas such as hand sanitizer, for example.




Using insight from buyers, sellers and distributors, our locally based experts maintain a detailed view of ethanol markets. These include those in the US, Asia, the largest Latin America market (Brazil) and multiple countries in Europe. We also track market drivers and breaking news.


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