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Changing regulations and infrastructure, supply (via pipeline and LNG vessels), fluctuating demand, and storage dynamics are all drivers of global gas markets. This presents a complex picture where a shift in one variable can impact prices or change key dynamics instantly. With so much to keep track of, it’s essential to have constant access to reliable information.

We were the first company to assess European gas markets and have continued to extend our coverage over the last 25 years. Our unwavering track record of delivering reliable price assessments, combined with our independent and transparent methodology, means that the majority of gas market participants use our data as the benchmark for the Title Transfer Facility (TTF), the most liquid gas hub in Europe, in the Netherlands.

As a result of increased interdependence between US LNG production, Europe and the LNG markets in Asia the TTF gas benchmark has become more interconnected as a global gas index.

We support your decision-making with data-led, forward-looking analysis, as well as regulatory and infrastructure updates to complete the picture.




Our global analysis covers cover all European gas markets, as well as US gas fundamentals including the US Henry Hub futures market, US LNG exports, Asian gas demand markets and regional arbitrage opportunities. We also report intra-day and early evening closing price assessments with supporting market commentary for all major European gas hubs, production and supply fundamentals plus forward-thinking analysis of wholesale gas market trends.

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New Price Assessment: ICIS TTF Early Day

With the new ICIS TTF Early Day, Asian market participants can now trade with the same assurance and on the same terms as their European peers.​ Speak to an ICIS expert to learn more.

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