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Major changes are taking place in the global fertilizer market. The industry, which plays an essential role in feeding the world’s population, is seeing a turbulent time with volatile gas prices, changing weather patterns and environmental implications.

Navigate the fertilizer market by gaining clarity on the rapidly changing dynamics of the global market, as well as tracking news, prices, and market developments for products such as ammonia, urea, nitrates, phosphates, sulphur, sulphuric acid, and potash.

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Fertilizer supply has outpaced demand for several years, but supply has tightened over the last few years due to the pandemic, war and government policy. At a time when supply once again looks to outperform demand, negotiate better prices, make better purchasing decisions, by accessing up to date insights on production in different regions and the flow of product.


A volatile market affects demand, as buyers are uncertain when to step in. Fertilizer demand is also affected by crop yields, grain prices, and buyer affordability. Reduce waste, increase efficiency, and ultimately, save money on your fertilizer expenses with up-to-date insight on fertilizer demand. ICIS helps you navigate the fertilizer market by analysing market trends and buyer behaviour to determine fertilizer consumption.

Changing Dynamics

Market volatility has been increasing given the close link of fertilizers to energy prices and the global nature of the industry. Governments are also putting more focus on food security and environment protection which will continue to shift the dynamics of the industry. Navigate the increasingly volatile fertilizer markets and better understand the connection between energy and fertilizer with our benchmarks in energy.



Global Fertilizer Trade Map

Gain insight into the complex network of fertilizer trade routes, origins and destinations.

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