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At ICIS, we have spent the last four decades helping the petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets make decisions that matter. Driving actions that optimise profit, resources and operational effectiveness with sustainability in mind. Our intelligence connects key players, enables innovation and helps you see what is coming, so you know where to invest and where to transform. There are many reasons why we are the most trusted source of independent commodity intelligence services. But mostly, it’s our commitment to connecting global markets to optimise the world’s resources, now and in the future.

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The market and outlook for recycled plastic waste is complex. Between EU directives and legislative changes, brand pledges and targets, the ambitions and promises are vast.

We bring transparency to recycled plastics markets by providing data and insight on the factors driving prices. With supply of recycled raw material under pressure, we work with key market players to provide independent and trusted insights on availability of product in the light of growing demand. By bringing clarity to recyclate markets and connecting market participants, we help companies spot opportunities for collaboration, innovation and adoption of new technologies. Our market intelligence empowers companies so they can make forward-looking decisions that help them manage and deliver on their sustainability goals with confidence.

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Rise of the circular economy

Plastics Recyling, Senior Analyst Helen McGeough discusses the outlook for recycling in the European circular economy in the ICIS pre-seminar at EPCA 2019.


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