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Facing the challenge

The world is constantly changing, challenging us to adapt to current conditions while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. As markets continue to be increasingly volatile, there is greater pressure to make decisions quickly and ensure those decisions position us best for the future. Marginal gains mean a great deal.

At ICIS, we are focused on providing our customers in the global chemical industry with the most trusted, relevant information to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time.

Mitigating risk

ICIS provides independent, objective and trusted intelligence for the global chemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Delivering the insight and analysis you need to make better-informed business decisions quickly and effectively. Understand price drivers and fluctuations, adapt to market volatility, conduct evidence-based negotiations with suppliers and mitigate potential risk.

With almost 40 years of experience giving pricing intelligence for key commodities, our numbers are globally referenced in contracts with benchmark positions in key active markets. Available through the subscriber platform, our price reports cover more than 180 commodities and focus on pricing trends in all major trading regions.

Shape future strategies, decrease risk & gain a competitive advantage

Save time collecting and filtering through market resources with access to all of the data, analysis and tools that you need, all in one place. When you subscribe to ICIS pricing & commentary, you receive much more than just price evaluations. You get full access to the ICIS dashboard, including:

Price assessments with feedstock, trade and market developments
Gain immediate access to spot, contract, import, export and domestic prices of highly active and commonly traded grades in the market. Use our price assessments as a benchmark to lock in prices and safeguard against any major short-term price fluctuation.

Top stories and coverage of sudden price movements
Global news coverage of sudden price shifts in key active trading regions, including countries such as Turkey, India, Mexico and China.

Insight into the latest market updates and transactions
Learn about reported and confirmed deals, bids and offers to get a clearer market sentiment of how much buyers, traders and sellers are willing to transact. Recent and upcoming plant lists provide visibility on the operations of major plants, listing scheduled and unscheduled plant shutdowns and maintenance, in addition to expanded capacity which directly impacts supply-and-demand fundamentals and, ultimately, prices.

Market commentary as it happens
Receive market commentary from experts, including overview and short-term forward-looking analysis.

Historical pricing data and charts dating back to ICIS’s first coverage
Access and download historical prices instantly. Use our charting function to directly compare prices between grades and trading terms and identify cyclical trends at a glance.

Powerful analytics tools
Your subscription to the ICIS pricing & commentary service includes complimentary access to analytics tools that remove the hassle of doing your own analysis.

Analytics tools include:

  • A real-time view on supply changes (planned, unplanned and start-ups), and impact on the supply-and-demand situation for the next 12 months
  • Export parity – price comparison between exporting cargo and domestic sale
  • Arbitrage and netback calculations – for potential import sources
  • Materials substitution trends – showing cost competitiveness of alternative raw materials

Pricing assessments of chemicals and their key grades

  • Instantly see spot, contract, import, export and domestic prices of typically traded grades in the market
  • Price assessments are broken down by country* and/or region, ensuring no matter where you operate, you can settle your contracts based on benchmark prices
  • Assess at a glance with colour coded price changes
    – Compare how the market has developed with price spreads a month before – Readily view the price assessment report to read other sections such as market overview and sentiment, confirmed deals and plant shutdowns to have a more comprehensive view of the factors that drive prices
  • Easily set up price movement alerts so you can receive email notifications when the prices meet your set criteria.

Why use ICIS pricing & commentary?

Because we speak directly to market participants, ICIS price reports are trusted by both buyers and sellers. The pricing information, trends and market commentary in our reports are considered to be the most important market reference published today.

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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