Architect a sustainable future with actionable data

Unlock the value of the green transition

Faced with stringent legislation and mounting stakeholder demand for change, businesses need to meet the challenge of delivering on sustainability pledges while remaining commercially competitive. Achieve your goals sustainably with transparent data and actionable insight that illuminate a pathway towards net zero.

Support your decision making and meet targets with granular, global pricing and supply data that helps you source mechanically or chemically recycled plastics and feedstocks. Keep abreast of changes in policy, regulation and market shifts with detailed news and analysis as events unfold.

Gain a transparent view of Scope 3 emissions with innovative analytics that let you visualise carbon hotspots and identify opportunities for emissions reduction. Reduce your carbon price exposure with ICIS’ industry-leading carbon market intelligence, and access expert pricing and insight for emerging energy sources such as hydrogen, wind and solar power.

Optimise the world’s resources and build a future when Green meets Growth.

ICIS training

Keep up to date in today’s rapidly evolving commodity markets with expert online and in-person workshops and courses covering chemical and energy supply chains and market dynamics. ICIS offers a range of introductory and advanced topics as well as bespoke, in-house training.

Track and trade circular plastics and feedstocks

As the circular economy takes shape, the transition to non-fossil fuels and recycled materials must be managed in a way that is both sustainable and meets commercial objectives for profitability and reliability. Our trusted data and insight connect complex plastic and feedstock markets to optimise valuable global resources.

Identify opportunities for business growth and support your decision-making with a transparent view of pricing and supply for key recycled polymers. Unlock opportunities in chemical recycling with ICIS’ innovative mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oil pricing covering key recycling and burn-for-energy feedstocks.

Recycled polyethylene Terephthalate (R-PET)

Gain a clear view of global R-PET market drivers, pricing, supply and demand dynamics from ICIS, the recognised European benchmark-holder for this key polymer.

Recycled polyolefins (R-PE, R-PP)

Optimise R-PE and R-PP sourcing with reliable pricing and supply data for these complex markets.

Mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oil

Capitalise on opportunity in the rapidly evolving chemical recycling market with 360-degree coverage of European mixed plastic waste bale markets and a unique Pyrolysis oil price index.

Podcast: Data for a low carbon future

Listen to an examination of the ways in which data can help chemicals achieve a low carbon future.

Stay competitive in your circularity journey

Optimise costs and empower strategic decisions with Asia Recycled Polypropylene pricing data.

Plan with confidence with reliable data for the energy transition

Today’s energy markets are a complex and interconnected network of established and emerging energy sources. Trade and invest confidently with expert insight and analysis covering the macro-economic, regulatory and policy changes influencing green energy markets today and in the years ahead.

Support your decision-making with reliable short, medium and long-term forecasts for emerging renewable energies including hydrogen, wind and solar. Hear an expert view, with direct access to a team of 100 energy experts covering natural gas, LNG (Liquefied natural gas), power, regulated carbon markets, crude oil and refined products.


Gain vital transparency in this nascent market with accurate pricing data and expert intelligence on policy and regulation.


Understand price movements and supply and demand drivers for ammonia, the key to facilitating a secure supply of renewable hydrogen.

Power and renewables

Turn uncertainty into opportunity with reliable forecasts that let you predict complex price movements for wind and solar energy.

Carbon Market

Reduce your carbon price exposure with industry-leading carbon forecasts that predict the true market balance.

Visualise Scope 3 emissions across

your supply chain

As customers, shareholders and regulators push for a sustainable future, improve Scope 3 reporting with Supplier Carbon Footprints.

Harnessing ICIS’ deep understanding of chemical markets and ground-breaking carbon footprint data from lifecycle data providers Carbon Minds, Supplier Carbon Footprints is a unique analytics solution.

Support your strategic decision-making with total visibility of emissions across your supply chain, and identify opportunities for emissions reduction with granular, supplier-specific data on 71 bulk chemicals and plastics, accessed via an easy-to-use interface.

Source chemically and mechanically

recycled plastic

Embrace plastics circularity with actionable insight from ICIS’ ground-breaking Recycling Supply Trackers. Accelerate your circular initiatives with a transparent view of current and announced recycling capacity for both mechanically and chemically recycled plastic worldwide.

Optimise sourcing and connect with suppliers using a global database of over 130 chemical recycling and 2,500 mechanical recycling plants and projects, searchable by operational status, output volume, feedstock or process* and support the transition to a circular economy.

*chemical recycling only

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On-demand webinar: Supplier Carbon Footprints

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“Subscribing to ICIS is invaluable to us – we haven’t found another source of such in-depth and useful data. We also attend regular webinars where ICIS experts keep us fully up to date on all things related to recycled polymers and sustainability. All this market insight really keeps us ahead of the game and enables us to make buying decisions with much greater confidence. As a result, we are saving between 0.5% and 5% annually on buying raw feedstock for PET and R-PET.”

Stefan Schröter, Folienwerk Wolfen

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