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China Chemicals Exports Surge As Everything Changes

By John Richardson IN the good old days everybody could very easily export just about all their surplus chemicals and polymers volumes to China for two very obvious reasons. Firstly, even real GDP growth, never mind the fabricated government numbers, was nearly always close to or actually in double digits. And secondly, China was short of […]

Climate Change: Taking Out An Insurance Policy

By John Richardson WOULD you get on board a plane without taking out travel insurance to protect your family? Of course not, even though the chances of you being involved in a plane crash are one in 9 million. And would you step into an ocean where dangerous sharks swim, especially if you live where […]

Polyethylene: Seeing The Wood Along With The Trees

By John Richardson THE Asian polyethylene (PE) business might be tempted to continue to think, “Crisis? What crisis?” (bear with me. When we have dived down into the details, the above chart will make sense to you). Integrated naphtha-based high-density PE (HDPE) margins in Northeast Asia, for instance, still averaged $553/tonne for 2015 up until […]

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