What global petchems demand would have been like without the China property bubble warns us about the future
24th September 2021 by

By John Richardson PLAYING “What if?” games by changing the course of history is popular amongst...

Whether Beijing blinks over Evergrande is the biggest issue for global petchems
22nd September 2021 by

By John Richardson WILL BEIJING blink? The answer to this question could pretty much set the directi...

The perils of Evergrande for China and world polyolefins demand
20th September 2021 by

By John Richardson ON THE PLUS side of the H2 China polyolefins demand ledger are the Golden Week Ho...

China PP arbitrage to the US goes through the roof despite surging freight costs
15th September 2021 by

By John Richardson IT IS VERY HARD to see how we will get out of this container crisis anytime soon....

Global PP demand growth being dragged lower by the developing world
15th August 2021 by

By John Richardson IN NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES the above chart – which shows our base case for glo...

China panic over a downturn in H2 2021 is as overcooked the H1 boom narrative
8th August 2021 by

By John Richardson THERE is a lot of very unhelpful noise out there about China which is making it v...

Every climate initiative must be road tested in the developing world – and adequate funding is essential
1st August 2021 by

The views expressed in this blog are, as always, my personal views and do not represent the views of...

As the drift towards a divided world continues, here are some climate change realities
8th July 2021 by

Note that, as always, the views expressed here are personal. Thank you. By John Richardson Executive...

A deep dive into HDPE and PP: opportunities and challenges for H2 this year and 2022
6th July 2021 by

By John Richardson Executive summary China’s petrochemicals demand boomed in H2 because of the sur...

The multi-million dollar polymers opportunity: continued big regional price differentials
29th June 2021 by

By John Richardson POLYMER BUYERS outside northeast (NEA) and southeast Asia (SEA) have a big opport...

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