Asian Chemical Connections

US/China trade deal in March would likely quickly unravel
7th January 2019 by

By John Richardson YOU CAN bet on a rally in equity markets and in oil prices if some kind of deal i...

US and China: Intellectual property rights and maybe some historical amnesia
24th November 2018 by

By John Richardson THE SMARTPHONE is a wonderful invention as it allows easy mobile access to the in...

Major crude downside and upside risks for petchems
11th November 2018 by

By John Richardson ONE of the biggest risks for petrochemicals producers has once again become oil p...

President Trump’s “very good” call with President Xi: Nothing changes
2nd November 2018 by

PRESIDENT TRUMP said yesterday that his discussions with President Xi Jinping were “moving along n...

Polymers industry risks sleepwalking into sustainability crisis
31st October 2018 by

GLOBALLY some 75% of aluminium is recycled, 86% of steel and 40% of glass. Why shouldn’t the same ...

US equities risk following China as global debt bubble unwinds
24th October 2018 by

THE CENTRAL character of The Big Short was the only person who bothered to read the detail of US m...

Asian Petchems Profits Could Test Historic Lows In 2018
12th February 2018 by

By John Richardson THE ASIAN steam cracker business has struggled to pass on higher oil prices as th...

China Growth Slows On Collapse In Shadow Bank Financing
16th August 2017 by

By John Richardson YOU should print-off the above chart and stick it on your chemicals company board...

China’s “Minsky Moment” And The Global Economy
11th August 2017 by

By John Richardson HYMAN MINSKY was an American economist who focused his career on studying the cau...

Bricklaying In Australia And Oil Prices: Important Similarities
9th December 2016 by

By John Richardson THE bricklayer came around to my house three years ago, quickly surveyed the exte...

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