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Winners and losers as demographics, debt, sustainability, geopolitics and crude-to-chemicals rewrite the rules of success

I BELIEVE WE are heading for the biggest period of change in the global petrochemicals industry since the 1990s.

This was when globalisation took off with the formation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), when China’s economic boom began, when the global population was more youthful and before climate change became a major threat to growth.

Global chemicals: What I believe our industry must do in response to a deep and complex crisis

I WORRY that we face a crisis deeper and more complex than any of us have seen before because of the confluence of geopolitics, demographics, the changing nature of the Chinese economy as Common Prosperity reforms accelerate, China’s rising chemicals and polymers self-sufficiency, the high levels of global inflation with all its causes, and, last but certainly not least, climate change.

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