Waiting for the dead cat to bounce
17th December 2008 by

Free-falling felines, dead-count bound, chemical-market rebounds, financial meltdown...

All those wasted lives – but at least you got your bonus
29th October 2008 by

Mr Obscenely Rich Got Out In Tiime Banker, please look into these eyes, see the pain from the last G...

The West can still be the best
6th August 2008 by

It is very easy assume that Asia ex-Japan will eventually catch up with the West and become as good ...

Here we go again – 1997 is back…..
22nd January 2008 by

I sincerely hope not, but all the signs are there because of: *A financial crisis which nobody again...

The world goes Upsize barmy
20th September 2007 by

Standing in the queue for Starbucks (not McDonalds – no way, and my son’s going nowhere ...

The global credit crisis is going to last
20th August 2007 by

The collective sigh of relief was almost audible late last week when the Fed cut its discount rate &...

China attempts to move up the value chain
27th July 2007 by

Petrochemical markets are being badly ruffled by two recent Chinese government decisions. In late Ju...

Could Pride Come Before A Fall?
18th March 2007 by

This article from Reuters highlights the danger of overpaying for assets in the current India M&...

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