Asian Chemical Connections

Global recession approaches as chems data weakens, debt problems build
26th October 2018 by

THE CHEMICALS industry is the “industry of industries” – upstream of all the manufacturing cha...

China polymer growth at risk of 8.6m tonne decline on trade war
10th October 2018 by

By John Richardson THERE is no other country or even region in the world that comes anywhere close t...

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene trade war disruptions
25th September 2018 by

By John Richardson BECAUSE CHINA is such a dominant player in finished goods manufacturing, US tarif...

US styrene another petchems sector at risk from trade war
24th September 2018 by

By John Richardson THE US decision to pick a fight with China over trade and geopolitical influence ...

US Import Tariff Decision: Impact On Polyethylene And The Global Economy
2nd March 2018 by

By John Richardson THE PROSPECT of a US-China trade war has edged closer as a result of President Tr...

China Lending Bubble Adds 4.7m Tonnes To Polyethylene Consumption
28th August 2017 by

By John Richardson THE IMF produced a very interesting study earlier this month, in which it estimat...

China Growth Slows On Collapse In Shadow Bank Financing
16th August 2017 by

By John Richardson YOU should print-off the above chart and stick it on your chemicals company board...

China’s Polypropylene Market Reflects Wider Economic Problems
5th May 2017 by

By John Richardson WHEN traders acquired big volumes of polypropylene (PP) cargoes to export to Chin...

China Polyolefins: An Outlook For The Rest Of 2017
15th March 2017 by

By John Richardson AS THE chart above shows, China is suffering from a bout a polyolefins indigestio...

China’s PP Import Decline: Did you See This Coming?
11th May 2016 by

By John Richardson THE smart people in the polypropylene (PP) business will have already adjusted th...

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