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China could become a PP net exporter next year

By John Richardson LET’S PUT THIS in perspective. Yes, as the chart below indicates, China’s polypropylene (PP) demand growth in 2021 is in line to be disappointing relative to what I have long seen as over-bullish expectations. But, unlike in polyethylene (PE), year-on-year PP demand growth will still be positive. Over-bullish expectations are persisting into […]

China could either see net imports of 63m tonnes in 2021-2031 or net exports of 18m tonnes!

By John Richardson CONFUSED BY the above chart? Once again I certainly hope so, provided confusion is not followed by blind paralysing panic. The chart, showing three scenarios for China’s net polypropylene (PP) imports in 2021-2031, follows last week’s chart of 2021-2031 high-density polyethylene net imports. Confusion is valuable because we need to go back […]

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