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How Can This Year Not Be A Let Down?

    Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, suggests more oil supply could be on the way       Source of picture: stonesoupstationblogspot.com   By John Richardson CHEMICALS analysts at HSBC have added further weight to the argument that 2011 could well turn out to be a year of disappointment following the very high expectations set […]

When Does Consolidation Become A Strategic Problem?

All our yesterdays… the ICI Runcorn site in its heyday Source of picture: Chesterchronicle.co.uk     By John Richardson Yesterday’s blog post on Petronas illustrates once again how the state-owned giants, albeit in this case one that is about to undergo a partial IPO, are increasingly dominating the global petrochemicals industry. The history of the […]

Asian Polyolefins – A Dead Cat Bounce

    Source of picture: anirudhsethireport.com By John Richardson WE reported earlier this week that cautious confidence is being expressed that the worst might be over in polyolefin markets with prices having reached the bottom. “The market seems to be improving and my view there is no much room for further price corrections from a […]

China GDP Reduction Spells Tough H2 For Chems

  Source of picture: www.en.cn.national   By John Richardson THE decline in China’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth from 11.9% in Q1 to 10.3% in the first quarter is, no matter how you try to dress it up, bad news for the chemicals industry. Government officials and some economists are arguing that the moderation is […]

Global Chems Outlook: Pockets Of Strength And Weakness

  Spain saves the world economy     Source of picture: www.fifa.com   By John Richardson GLOBAL chemicals sentiment seems to be muddled and confused as the constant flood of positive and negative macro economic data. Take last week’s American Chemistry Council (ACC) weekly report, for example, which at that time gave a clear indication that […]

China Chem Imports May Fall On Yuan Expectation

As cheap as chips    Source of picture: europa.eu     By John Richardson THE decline in the Euro has resulted in investors downgrading their expectations of a Yuan appreciation taking place over the next few months. Last week, Yuan foward contracts were factoring in a zero chance of appreciation over the next three months after […]

Old Assumptions Might Belatedly Change

  Source of picture: http://www.andrewgriffithsblog.com/     By John Richardson DOOM-MONGERS are scratching their heads as to why the global petrochemicals industry has remained in such a healthy state over the past 18 months. Old assumptions are, as a result, being challenged. It would be a painful irony if these assumptions are changed just as a […]

Co-Monomer Shortage Provides LLDPE Respite

By John Richardson AN enormous amount of new linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) output should, in theory, be destabilising Asian markets right now due to recent start-ups and increased production at plants brought on-stream last year and in early 2010. But the big question is to what extent global production is being constrained by a shortage […]

Jurgen Talks A lot Of Sense

      Source of picture: http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/   By John Richardson GROWTH in Europe isn’t going to return to 2008 levels before 2012, said BASF CEO Jurgen Hambrecht on the release of the German diversified chemical giant’s financial results for last year.“ Overall, there are no signs of a self-sustaining, long-term recovery. We are still […]

Excessive Confidence A Risk

Confidence along all the chemicals value chains is always a key issue because of the ability to aggressively manage inventories, according to the London-based chemicals analyst Paul Satchell. So there’s the ever-present risk of sudden and very disruptive de-stocking. The longer the current rallies in commodity prices and stock markets continue, the greater might be […]

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