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No “Breakthrough Year” For The US In 2014

By John Richardson

PEOPLE who trade in oil, other commodities and equities don’t buy that many chemicals and polymers because, of course, relative to the US population as a whole, they number very few.

Thus, the challenge for 2014, as …

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China’s Leaders Stay The Course (So Far…..)

By John Richardson

Everything is still going to plan. As the chart above shows, China’s official bank lending is down by 16% in the year to date as the government rations credit to the big state-owned enterprises. The last thing …

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China shale.png

US Support For Big China Shale Gas Challenge…..

……..Significant Commercial Production “At least Ten Years Away”

By John Richardson

A US-China Shale Gas Training Programme has been launched by the independent White House agency, the US Trade & Development Agency (USTDA).

An initial $378,000 will be invested to …

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America’s New Political Era

What follows is likely to be of little interest to those, like ourselves, who are obsessed by the week-by-week price of polyethylene (PE).

But a strong US economy is essential for a healthy global chemicals industry, and what is being …

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China, Russia To Boost Iranian Ethylene Trade?

Iran’s South Pars gas field

Source of picture: www.petropars.com


By John Richardson

THE ability of Iran to further exploit its huge natural gas reserves – and in so doing maintain ethylene exports at constant levels throughout the year – …

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US Needs A Serious, Informed Energy Debate

Will he back raising fuel prices to European levels?

Source of picture: sociologycompass.wordpress.com


By John Richardson

IN the midst of the continuing BP oil-spill saga, here’s an important question for our American readers: Once the story is forgotten, meaning …

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US-China Yuan Row And The Threat To Chemicals


Source of picture: The China Daily


By John Richardson

THE outcome of the row between the US and China over the value of the Yuan has the potential to bring to an end a tentative and highly unbalanced …

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More Questionable Chinese Data Clouds The Picture

It seems as if Lex of the Financial Times is finally catching up with this blog by questioning the validity of some of the official data coming out of China. We take this as a compliment.

In today’s column it talks about …

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“Steal a little and they throw you in jail…..

Source of picture: rateyourmusic.com

…steal a lot and they make you a King,” wrote the great Bob Dylan in A Sweetheart Like You on his great 1980s album, Infidels.

This seems appropriatea as we commemorate exactly 12 months to the …

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