Chemicals and the Economy

Chemical company results highlight growing weakness down the value chains
16th November 2016 by

Looking down the table below of chemical company’s reports, its hard to be very optimistic abo...

Forget the IMF: global chemicals are your guide to future performance
4th November 2016 by

The chemical industry provides a far better guide to the economic outlook than the IMF or any econom...

Global demand slowdown hits chemical industry results
15th August 2016 by

Its not been a great 6 months for the global chemical industry, and my usual quarterly survey of com...

Global chemical operating rates remain below SuperCycle levels
16th June 2014 by

Operating rates (OR%) rose to 84% in the global chemical industry in April, according to data from ...

Obama’s new Plan reveals “uncertainty”
11th January 2009 by

The new ACC weekly report rightly notes that “any economic recovery will likely begin with a t...

Shell, BASF, ACC warn on US downturn
7th April 2008 by

‘The sharp drop in housing starts and the developing credit crisis will flow into the cracker busi...

China exports inflation
17th February 2008 by

China has been a major source of price deflation for the past decade. It is now the world’s leadin...

A dip or a downturn?
4th December 2007 by

Are we seeing just a dip in economic growth? Or are we at the start of a downturn that may run for m...

Beggar my neighbour
19th November 2007 by

English children have a card game called ‘Beggar my Neighbour’, where the aim is to win all the ...

US housing worsens
8th October 2007 by

Its now 3 months since we first saw the impact of the subprime crisis. At that time, the main impact...

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