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The New Normal for global industry

Economic growth
By Paul Hodges on 31-May-2020

The global chemical industry is the third largest sector in the world behind agriculture and energy, and its outputs find their way into everything we consume. Paul Hodges, chairman of the pH Report, analyzes the chemical industry to give a unique perspective on the global economy to investors and corporations.

In this timely discussion, he uses this lens to analyze the industrial fallout from COVID-19:

  • The Chemical Industry: The Slowdown Predates COVID-19
  • What is Chemical Industry Data trying to tell us?
  • The New Normal
  • The End of Globalization in the Chemical Industry and Beyond
  • Winners and Losers from the end of Globalization
  • Zeroing in on the Near-term
  • Data Series to Watch
  • Mixed Signals from the Oil Market
  • Summary and Takeaways

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