M&S dumps free plastic bags
29th February 2008 by

China’s move last month to charge for plastic bags has now been followed by the iconic UK retailer...

Japan’s factory output weakens
28th February 2008 by

The blog has been following the debate over ‘decoupling’ with some interest. With the US going i...

US housing weakens, UK follows
26th February 2008 by

US housing markets are getting worse. Today’s S&P/Case-Schiller index showed prices declined 8...

‘Largest ever peacetime liquidity crisis’ says Bank of England
26th February 2008 by

Its not often that one gets clear statements from central bankers. Today’s comment from the Bank o...

Wheat prices add to CFO concerns
26th February 2008 by

Wheat prices rose 25% yesterday, the biggest one-day rise ever, as Kazakhstan imposed restrictions o...

BASF – the oil and gas company
24th February 2008 by

BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht sounded confident last week, following their annual results. 2007 sa...

4 issues driving today’s oil price
21st February 2008 by

Quietly, oil has moved back to the $100/bbl level. This is quite different from January, when it fir...

The law of unintended consequences
19th February 2008 by

There’s an interesting article on Bloomberg, suggesting that the US Fed’s dramatic interest rate...

UK nationalises Northern Rock
18th February 2008 by

The UK government has today nationalised the country’s 8th largest bank, responsible for 18.9% of ...

China exports inflation
17th February 2008 by

China has been a major source of price deflation for the past decade. It is now the world’s leadin...

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