CEOs remain cautious over 2010 Outlook
27th February 2010 by

The blog’s quarterly survey of company Outlook statements shows CEOs remain very cautious. The...

World trade sees biggest fall in 65 years, GDP declines
25th February 2010 by

World trade fell 12% last year, its worst decline since 1945. First estimates also suggest global GD...

Carrefour CEO sees “challenging” times ahead
24th February 2010 by

France’s Carrefour is the world’s 2nd largest retailer, with sales of €86bn ($117bn). ...

US housing starts 74% below 2006 peak
23rd February 2010 by

15% of Americans were either in foreclosure, or at least one payment overdue, according to the Q4 Mo...

Middle East, Chinese, petchem capacity starts to arrive
22nd February 2010 by

The blog spent a fruitful afternoon last week, going through ICIS news reports of cracker start-ups ...

Butadiene supply tightens as cracker feeds lighten
21st February 2010 by

One of the key conclusions in our 2008 Study, ‘Feedstocks for Profit’, was that butadien...

Wal-Mart’s US sales reduced by deflation
18th February 2010 by

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer with $400bn sales, saw deflation in its core US market ...

Volt to use ethanol as well as electricity
18th February 2010 by

The blog has been following the development of GM’s new all-electric car, the Chevrolet Volt, ...

China’s lending causes central bank headache
17th February 2010 by

No wonder alarm bells were ringing in China’s central bank last week. The above chart (from Ch...

EU auto sales benefit from scrappage schemes
16th February 2010 by

The European Union was the leading auto market in the world in 2009. It sold 14.4m, versus 13.6m in ...

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