The changing landscape for manufacturers
29th February 2012 by

The New Normal involves three major transformations in the nature of consumer markets: • The incre...

5 Risks to China’s growth story
28th February 2012 by

China’s economic growth has become more and more unbalanced over the past 10 years, as we disc...

Demand declines as Federal Reserve fuels oil price rise
27th February 2012 by

The Wall Street Journal carried an interesting opinion piece on Friday, assessing current market con...

Oil prices hit the top of their triangle
25th February 2012 by

Oil prices are poised at a critical point. As the chart shows, the recent rally has taken them to th...

Financial market correlation hits new peak
23rd February 2012 by

The US S&P 500 is the most important stock index in the world. It contains 500 different major c...

US oil markets at a turning point
22nd February 2012 by

An excellent new report from Citi’s commodities team suggests the US supply/demand balance for...

Auto sales have slow start in January
21st February 2012 by

January was not a great month for auto sales in the 3 major markets of the USA, EU and China. These ...

Déjà vu all over again in petchem markets
20th February 2012 by

This time last year, the petchem industry stood on the edge of an unseen precipice. Life seemed good...

Greece’s problems lead to EU auto industry job cuts
18th February 2012 by

Greece’s debt default saga seems never-ending. And it is tempting to hope that it only matters...

US PE exporters face more competition in Brazil
16th February 2012 by

As promised, the blog looks today at the performance of US polyethylene (PE) exporters in Brazil. It...

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