China’s polyethylene demand growth remains slow
31st March 2012 by

There are increasing signs that China’s economic growth is slowing. Local gasoline and diesel ...

Why benzene trumps traditional economic indicators
29th March 2012 by

The blog is very pleased to have been invited to contribute to the Financial Times’ new FT Dat...

New policies needed to restore growth
28th March 2012 by

Politicians seem to be floundering as they seek to restore growth to the Western economy. Their pres...

High-frequency trading distorts oil markets
27th March 2012 by

A blog reader has kindly forwarded an important UNCTAD paper (UN Conference on Trade and Development...

Petchems ‘sailing towards a storm’
26th March 2012 by

Q1 should have been a strong quarter for global petchem demand: • Buyers had to restock in the New...

“Old age” becomes a major cost for UK taxpayers
24th March 2012 by

Taxes, like death, are inevitable. But very few people have much idea of how their money is spent. T...

Chinese want affordability not luxury
23rd March 2012 by

The Financial Times has kindly published the letter below from the blog today. It argues that afford...

Global stock markets reverse previous losses
22nd March 2012 by

The blog’s 6-monthly review of major stock markets highlights their continuing volatility. Las...

China’s economy continues to slow
21st March 2012 by

Latest data confirms the growth slowdown now underway in China: • Rmb bank lending (purple column)...

EU auto sales fall 10% in February
20th March 2012 by

EU auto sales are back at early 2009 levels. This was the height of the slump that followed the star...

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