Auto sales start to plateau globally
30th March 2013 by

Autos are the largest manufacturing business in the world, and are also the largest single source of...

Wishful thinking dominates US government economic forecasts
28th March 2013 by

350k Americans are now reaching the age of 65 each month until 2030. But according to government for...

EU auto sales continue their decline
27th March 2013 by

There really isn’t very much to say about the latest EU auto sales data. They were simply awfu...

China’s new leadership prepare for property price crackdown
26th March 2013 by

China’s new premier, Li Keqiang, was the first senior official to confirm that the countryR...

Demand weakness spreads across Europe and Asia
25th March 2013 by

The blog was in sober mood when giving its usual New Year Outlook in January, warning that “re...

Europe’s social shock-absorbers show crisis strain
23rd March 2013 by

Readers outside Southern Europe may not realise the growing crisis that is developing across the reg...

Aluminium prices rise as stocks reach record levels
21st March 2013 by

The blog was with the mining industry last week, when giving the keynote speech on The Impact of the...

Italy’s Grillo calls for referendum on leaving the euro
20th March 2013 by

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go These lines fro...

Sustaining Growth as the West Arrives at the Demographic Cliff
19th March 2013 by

Are you worried about the economic outlook for your company, for your family and for your country? D...

Demand collapses as stock markets hit new records
18th March 2013 by

Financial markets long ago lost all touch with reality. Not only have central banks provided $tns of...

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