Xi Jinping needs to repeat his father’s economic success
16th March 2013 by

Xi Jinping was formally confirmed as China’s new president this week. But we know remarkably l...

Western stock markets in bubble-mode, again
14th March 2013 by

The blog’s 6 monthly review of global stock markets highlights a very unusual pattern since gl...

“Its the oil price, stupid!”
13th March 2013 by

Famously, when Bill Clinton ran his successful presidential campaign in 1992, his advisers would rem...

China’s PVC imports tumble as its housing market slows
12th March 2013 by

Jiang Zemin never spent too much time worrying about Western financial markets or domestic criticism...

Lanxess temporarily closes plants, as demand remains slow
11th March 2013 by

Chemical markets continue to paint a very worrying picture of the state of the global economy. There...

Upcoming presentations on New Normal themes
9th March 2013 by

The blog is delighted to have been asked to address a wide variety of industry and investor conferen...

Consumers abandon the middle ground
7th March 2013 by

A critical change is underway in consumer buying habits as we enter the New Normal. The key driver f...

US auto sales growth slips as Hurricane Sandy impact ends
6th March 2013 by

CNN captured the world’s imagination when launching 24/7 television coverage of the first Gulf...

China’s new leadership starts to change economic direction
5th March 2013 by

Today sees the start of China’s annual National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing, when...

The economic SuperCycle trend is now steadily reversing
4th March 2013 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain. As the chart shows, this is where we are today...

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