Auto sales on roller-coaster ride in Japan, Russia, Brazil, India
29th August 2014 by

Car sales in Japan, Russia, Brazil and India currently account for just under 1 in 5 of global sale...

Unilever says Q2 market growth slows in emerging countries, developed countries weak
28th August 2014 by

The global economy really isn’t getting any better.  That’s the key conclusion from the...

Oil prices break out of their triangle – downwards
27th August 2014 by

The Great Unwinding of the central banks stimulus policies is underway, as discussed last week.  Oi...

A personal WW1 centenary – the Battle of Le Cateau
26th August 2014 by

100 years ago today, the blog’s grandfather went into action for the first time in World War 1...

US retail sales hit by declines in income and household wealth
25th August 2014 by

US retail sales tell a sorry story about the state of underlying demand.  US sales at Wal-Mart, the...

China economic rebalancing will take at least 10 years
22nd August 2014 by

We must all hope that new economic policies now being implemented in China are successful.  The al...

2 dates for the diary
21st August 2014 by

Last May’s China Transformation webinar with John Richardson attracted great interest.  We ...

US fracking demand creates price volatility for hydrochloric acid
20th August 2014 by

Fracking has completely changed the outlook for US natural gas supplies, as the above chart from the...

Modi highlights toilets in India’s Independence Day speech
19th August 2014 by

The Indian Prime Minister’s address on Independence Day is the major event of the political ye...

The Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus has begun
18th August 2014 by

Large economies are like supertankers.  There are no brakes to use if you want to change direction ...

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