Default or debt forgiveness the options in Greek elections
31st December 2014 by

“Within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. And believ...

Chart of the Year – China’s auto sales bubble begins to burst
30th December 2014 by

‘How China fooled the world’ was the subject of an excellent BBC documentary¬†early in 2...

Sanitation is the greatest challenge facing Modi
30th December 2014 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter, commenting on their editorial about Premier Modi&#...

US shale gas bubble will end in tears for ethylene expansions
29th December 2014 by

A return to lower oil prices is good news for the global economy.  But it is bad news for all those...

The blog in 2014
26th December 2014 by

Historians will probably agree that 2014 marked a turning point for the global economy. It was the y...

A Christmas wish: focus on toilets to create growth in 2015
23rd December 2014 by

2.5bn people in the world still lack access to toilets, according to the World Health Organisation.¬...

Fed jumps in to boost stock markets, yet again
22nd December 2014 by

Every time US stock markets weaken on a day-to-day basis, the US Federal Reserve now jumps in to su...

US home ownership back at 1995 level as decline continues
19th December 2014 by

  Conventional wisdom seemed to think the US housing report was positive this week.¬† But analy...

Oil prices, Russia, open new fault-lines in the ‘Ring of Fire’
18th December 2014 by

One by one, the fault-lines are opening in the debt-fuelled ‘Ring of Fire’ created by th...

70% of China’s auto dealers unprofitable, as lending curbs bite
17th December 2014 by

Would anybody have believed these charts, if one had presented them as a forecast for auto sales a f...

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