Ageing UK households’ impact on growth
30th January 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog highlights how household spending is very dependent...

BMW says China’s auto sales are heading into a New Normal
29th January 2015 by

Its amazing what a lending bubble can do in the short-term, as the above chart shows.  It updates m...

US auto sales, housing starts, will be hit by oil price collapse
28th January 2015 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  That’s probably why the outlook seems...

How to survive the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus
27th January 2015 by

I was privileged to be interviewed by Merryn Somerset Webb, editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek (the UK...

Eurozone joins Japan’s ‘currency war’ versus the US dollar
26th January 2015 by

The last 10 days have seen turmoil in major currency markets: The Swiss National Bank gave up trying...

Oil price collapse will likely end recovery in US housing starts
23rd January 2015 by

We now have full US Census Bureau data for housing starts in 2014, which shows: Starts returned to t...

Falling cotton/polyester prices create ‘deflation shock’ for consumers
22nd January 2015 by

Cotton prices appear to be collapsing again due to the surpluses created by central bank stimulus p...

Oil market faces “historic shift” – International Energy Agency
21st January 2015 by

The above chart highlights one major reason behind my forecast last August that oil prices were ab...

Halving of China’s electricity demand confirms major slowdown underway
20th January 2015 by

China’s reported  7.4% GDP growth for 2014 was the lowest in 25 years.  But even so, it prob...

The great ‘Deflation Shock’ is coming closer
19th January 2015 by

  The world is about to be hit by a demand shock equivalent to 1973’s supply shock.  Yet...

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