2014 another bad year for force majeures
13th February 2015 by

2013 wasn’t a good year for chemical plant reliability.  As I noted a year ago, force majeure...

Vast amounts of stimulus have not made China “middle class”
12th February 2015 by

Debt can’t make a country middle-class overnight.  Even a massive amount of debt can’t ...

Deflation gains: China’s plastics market sees over-capacity
11th February 2015 by

More and more commentators are beginning to recognise that deflation is becoming inevitable in man...

Mckinsey says global debt now 3x global GDP, and rising
10th February 2015 by

A major new report from consultants McKinsey confirms my concerns over the dramatic increase in glob...

Oil prices jump 20% in 2 days in SuperBowl weekend coup
9th February 2015 by

An astonishing coup appears to have begun 10 days ago, in the last 45 minutes of trading in US oil ...

54000 millionaires needed to buy new London apartments
6th February 2015 by

‘Nothing succeeds like excess’.  That seems to be the motto of London property develope...

US stock markets weaken as bond yields signal deflation is near
5th February 2015 by

Increasing volatility in major Western financial markets suggests they are struggling to maintain th...

Greece and the Eurozone head for showdown over debt issue
4th February 2015 by

We all learnt one crucial lesson from Syriza’s victory in the Greek election last week R...

China’s slowdown hits PE imports from N America and NE Asia
3rd February 2015 by

A manufacturing slowdown is now well underway in China, as the latest official and unofficial Indi...

The world of $100/bbl oil is unlikely to return
2nd February 2015 by

Chemical markets are continuing to signal that the world faces major economic challenges in 2015. ...

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