ICI and Akzo (2)
8th August 2007 by

It seems from the media comment that Akzo is likely to announce an agreed bid for ICI tomorrow (in o...

Regional markets at price parity again
7th August 2007 by

An interesting thing has happened to benzene markets, which I haven’t seen noted elsewhere. Accord...

Interesting Quotes
6th August 2007 by

Normally a 275 point fall on Wall Street, and a 600 point fall in Hong Kong, would make for some hea...

NINJA turtles ride again
2nd August 2007 by

The head of Germany’s financial regulator is warning that US subprime mortgage problems may be abo...

Turning base quality loans into gold
31st July 2007 by

Alchemists once claimed the ability to turn base metal into gold. More recently, some bankers seem t...

Greed and Fear
25th July 2007 by

Bill Gross runs PIMCO, the world’s largest government bond managers with assets of nearly $700bn. ...

Oil prices and the euro
24th July 2007 by

The US dollar has been falling steadily in recent weeks. It is particularly weak against the euro, h...

A tale of two outlooks
20th July 2007 by

If you read the financial pages of your newspaper, everything sounds rosy. But if you turn to the ne...

2008 Budgets just became more difficult to finalise
17th July 2007 by

Central bankers are like generals. They seem to prefer fighting their last war, rather than preparin...

‘Its the price that matters’: Wal-Mart and Tesco signal a major change in consumer priorities
14th July 2007 by

Consumer attitudes have shifted sharply in recent weeks. This could have big implications for chemic...

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