Chemicals and the Economy


Beggar my neighbour
19th November 2007 by

English children have a card game called ‘Beggar my Neighbour’, where the aim is to win all the ...

Uncertainty rules
16th November 2007 by

Our annual European conference, organised with ICIS, always provides an excellent opportunity to gai...

Supermodels prefer euros
6th November 2007 by

Gisele Bundchen, the world’s richest supermodel, has joined the list of those who refuse to be pai...

3 key questions for any Board
1st November 2007 by

What are the key questions that need to be asked when discussing any budget or strategy proposal? I ...

4 risks from the credit crisis
26th October 2007 by

The Bank of England correctly predicted in April this year that the risks associated with US subprim...

Policymakers turn more downbeat
18th October 2007 by

There has been a noted change of tone from leading policymakers in the past few days. Gone is the ja...

EPCA 2007
3rd October 2007 by

It seems likely that this week’s European Petrochemical Association annual meeting in Berlin will ...

Dow warns
26th September 2007 by

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris has spelled out very clearly his concerns about the impact of the US subprime...

One week later
25th September 2007 by

A week ago, I wrote that it would be important to see if ‘the US Federal Reserve can pull a rabbit...

The hurricane touches down
18th September 2007 by

Extraordinary events have taken place in the UK since my posting on Friday: • A bankrun took place...

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