Brexit a disaster for the UK, Europe and the world
27th June 2016 by

First, the good news.  It has long been recognised that the UK economy is over-dependent on financi...

UK’s May election will create major political and economic uncertainty
16th January 2015 by

Nobody can guess the outcome of the UK’s general election on 7 May.  This is astonishing, as ...

Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus creates interest rate risk
10th September 2014 by

Interest rate risk is rising in the developed economies as the Great Unwinding of policymaker stim...

“Disaster is still some way off” for Cyprus, as Germany prepares to vote
5th September 2013 by

Back in April, the blog suggested that capital controls might remain for rather longer in Cyprus tha...

Global interest rates surge as Newton’s 3rd Law continues to operate
27th August 2013 by

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion states, “To every action there is always an equal and opposit...

“A word means just what I choose it to mean”
18th May 2013 by

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just...

Eurozone politicians have built a Tower of Babel
7th July 2012 by

Last week saw the 20th EU ‘Crisis Summit’. Like the previous 19, it achieved little. Yet...

The Eurozone train crash heads for the buffers
16th May 2012 by

For 25 years, Western policymakers coasted to electoral success on the back of an economic Supercycl...

Leaving the Eurozone would be very difficult
14th April 2012 by

Last December, the blog raised the question of how a country like Greece could actually leave the Eu...

Leaving the Eurozone creates practical problem
8th December 2011 by

There is much discussion of countries such as Greece being likely to leave the Eurozone. Some even b...

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