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Chemicals and the Economy

Scenario planning key amid volatility

Russia’s invasion is a major wake-up call about the danger of assuming business will always be “as usual”. The window for investing in future growth is starting to close. As Hemingway warned in “Fiesta”, major changes (such as Net Zero) occur “gradually, then suddenly”.

Prepare for the coming crisis

As the head of Germany’s Employers’ Associations warned last month: “We are facing the biggest crisis the post-war Federal Republic has ever had. We have to be honest and say: First of all, we will lose the prosperity that we have had for years”.

China’s housing bubble starts to deflate

But now, the bubble is starting to deflate, as the zero-Covid policy cripples the economy. GDP grew just 0.4% in Q2. Beijing is issuing record amount of debt, but confidence has gone. Prices for unsold apartments are being discounted. And developers’ cashflow is being hit by mortgage strikes for unfinished apartments.

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