Chemicals and the Economy

‘Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble’ as China, West’s policy diverge
23rd June 2014 by

Sometimes its good to take a step back from the day-to-day markets, and focus on the bigger picture....

China’s earthquake opens fault-lines in debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
19th June 2014 by

We can all hope that China’s ‘collateral trade’ turns out not to be as big a probl...

Network effect leaves central banks fighting the real world
9th June 2014 by

The blog first learnt about the network effect in the late 1990s, during the successful launch of th...

Financial market melt-up takes S&P 500 to new record
6th June 2014 by

A year ago, the blog suggested that financial markets were reaching their most dangerous ‘melt...

Markets remain “volatile and challenging” says BASF chairman
29th May 2014 by

Nothing has really changed over the past year.  That seems to be the key conclusion from the blog&#...

Leaders need to “see around corners” in today’s VUCA world
31st March 2014 by

The number “42” was the answer to “the ultimate question of life” in the cla...

Demographics drive demand and fertility rates have fallen
25th March 2014 by

A major debate is underway in Eurozone financial markets about the imminent approach of deflation. ...

5 years of stimulus have only delayed move to the New Normal
12th March 2014 by

Coincidentally the blog began its 6-monthly review of global financial market performance on 7 March...

“Reservations are no longer necessary at many high-end restaurants”
24th February 2014 by

Think back a moment to September 16 2008.  Newly released transcripts analysed by the Wall Street ...

Global economy approaches a T-junction
6th January 2014 by

Intuition’s great benefit is that it provides a different perspective.  Thus the intuitive ...

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