Central banks alchemy fails to convince
13th September 2011 by

Alchemists have always claimed to be able to perform the impossible. The most common claim was that ...

ECB’s Trichet backs austerity measures
26th July 2010 by

Last year, governments focused on stimulus measures, to support the global economy. Now Jean-Claude ...

The limits of central bank lending
28th October 2009 by

Over the past year, much of the Western financial system has been on life support. Now the European ...

GDP’s “statistical recovery”
23rd August 2009 by

The blog is very interested to see the different outlooks being proposed by central bank heads. US F...

Europe, N America, China cut interest rates
8th October 2008 by

The blog welcomes the co-ordinated action by central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, Europe...

High inflation, or global downturn?
8th June 2008 by

Central bankers had it easy over the past decade. Now they are going to have to earn their money. In...

USA adds $746bn to support housing
21st December 2007 by

Housing, as we know, is an absolutely key market for the chemical industry, both directly and indire...

Beggar my neighbour
19th November 2007 by

English children have a card game called ‘Beggar my Neighbour’, where the aim is to win all the ...

Subprime: a many-headed Hydra
10th August 2007 by

Yesterday, the ECB (European Central Bank) provided an unprecedented €95bn into the region’s cre...

Stress-testing the global financial system
12th July 2007 by

Yesterday’s “swings in financial derivative prices were so extreme that they implied scenari...

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