Monday, Monday
17th June 2008 by

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way Oh M...

Leading indicators signal chemicals slowdown
14th June 2008 by

The latest leading indicators from the OECD (shown in red above) are now diverging quite strongly fr...

Anecdotal evidence
10th June 2008 by

The blog usually focuses on news items and analysis. But just occasionally, anecdotal evidence seems...

High inflation, or global downturn?
8th June 2008 by

Central bankers had it easy over the past decade. Now they are going to have to earn their money. In...

Dow warns on US economy
5th June 2008 by

US economic conditions are ‘ominous”, and may worsen into 2009, according to Dow CEO, An...

Dow raises prices by up to 20%
28th May 2008 by

Dow today announced that it is raising prices for ‘all of its products by up to 20 percent ...

OPEC suggests $200/bbl oil
30th April 2008 by

OPEC used to believe that its fortunes were tied to the health of the global economy. But as I noted...

‘Longer, deeper, wider’
21st April 2008 by

Singapore is one of the global economic success stories of recent decades. Its sovereign wealth fund...

Credit crisis losses could reach $1 trillion – IMF
8th April 2008 by

Last week the IMF warned there was a 25% chance of a global recession in 2008. Today, it said that t...

The vicious circle
7th April 2008 by

Paul Tucker of the Bank of England has consistently warned about the dangers posed by the credit cru...

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