Chemicals and the Economy

Chemical production continues to slow across most regions
24th September 2014 by

Chemical production is currently the best leading indicator for the wider economy, as financial ma...

Slide in Q2 operating rates is bad omen for H2 economic outlook
4th August 2014 by

The chemical industry is the best leading indicator for the global economy.  The slide in operat...

Recovery has been delayed, again
14th October 2013 by

Recovery has been delayed, again.  That is the clear message from the blog’s extensive discu...

Ageing populations mean decades of slower growth
30th October 2012 by

The next few decades will see very much slower economic growth in most countries. This will have cri...

IMF says advanced economies to “contract sharply”
20th March 2009 by

The IMF and World Bank continue to play leap-frog in reducing their global growth forecasts. In Janu...

Dow Chemical moves to Plan B
28th January 2009 by

A month ago, after the collapse of the K-Dow deal, the blog suggested that Dow would need to move qu...

Chemical production growth goes negative
20th December 2008 by

The chart, taken from the weekly ACC report, shows just how badly chemical production has been hit i...

US entered recession a year ago – official
1st December 2008 by

Last March, the blog supported Warren Buffett’s statement that “by any commonsense defin...

The aptly named Mr Darling
14th October 2008 by

In August, the blog welcomed the statement by UK Finance Minister, Alistair Darling, that the ‘...

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