Auto sales on roller-coaster ride in Japan, Russia, Brazil, India
29th August 2014 by

Car sales in Japan, Russia, Brazil and India currently account for just under 1 in 5 of global sale...

Modi highlights toilets in India’s Independence Day speech
19th August 2014 by

The Indian Prime Minister’s address on Independence Day is the major event of the political ye...

India’s WTO veto marks end of global trade deals
15th August 2014 by

The Cycle of Deflation has taken another lurch forward.  The reason was India’s decision to v...

Markets slip as fears grow Fed’s cheap money may end soon
8th August 2014 by

Western financial markets are getting nervous that the US Federal Reserve will cut off their supply...

India’s $10bn polymer opportunity in toilet provision
25th July 2014 by

There is never a shortage of growth opportunities.  But too often companies choose not to access...

Toilet provision key to Modi’s success in India
20th June 2014 by

As the blog discussed last week, it seems that a new type of leader is starting to emerge in some of...

President Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’
12th June 2014 by

A new type of leader seem to be starting to emerge in China and India.  President Xi Jinping in Ch...

Indian auto sales decline as the middle class myth disappears
16th May 2014 by

India’s stock market has hit new records this week, as investors anticipate radical policy cha...

India’s car buyers remain cautious despite pre-election tax cut
13th March 2014 by

Its pre-election time in India, as the world’s largest democracy prepares to go to the polls n...

Global auto industry sales growth depends on China
29th January 2014 by

Autos remain the world’s largest manufacturing industry, and the single biggest source of dema...

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