Warning flags fly over Europe’s olefin business
13th February 2013 by

2012 was another difficult year for the European olefin industry. As the chart above shows, based on...

Europe’s olefin operating rates remain at recession levels
29th November 2012 by

Europe’s political leaders were deadlocked last weekend over plans for the EU’s new Budg...

3 issues, and an overview, at EPCA
15th October 2012 by

This year’s European Petrochemical Association in Berlin was notable for its realism. The blog...

Sinopec focuses on political and social targets
25th July 2012 by

Sinopec is China’s main company in refining and chemical markets. Although it is listed on wor...

Petchem volumes slide in all 3 major regions
30th May 2011 by

Volume is a key driver for chemical company profits. High volume means operating rates increase, red...

Time to check Downturn contingency plans
16th May 2011 by

Two years ago, the blog began to survey global stock markets on what turned out to be the day they b...

BASF warn on over-expansion and China
12th May 2011 by

The blog was very interested to see a recent ICIS interview with Torsten Penkuhn, BASF’s petch...

INEOS plans refining/technology JVs with PetroChina
10th January 2011 by

The Falkirk Herald, INEOS’s local newspaper in Scotland, has had to wait a long time for its &...

August highlights
31st August 2010 by

Many readers have been taking a well-deserved break over the past few weeks. As usual, therefore, th...

White Paper downloads reach 7000
4th August 2010 by

The blog is delighted by the interest being shown in its White Paper ‘Budgeting for a New Norm...

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