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Energy Connections

Gas market link-ups in the Balkans are high on this summer’s agenda

South east European gas markets represent something of a ‘final frontier’ for energy companies and politicians alike, the former seeking out new business opportunities and the latter trying to promote greater security of supply and competitiveness. This summer several developments have turned the spotlight back onto the area, dangling the promise of greater gas interconnectivity […]

Squaring the circle of Nord Stream 2

The planned Nord Stream extension continues to generate vigorous debate, showing the difficulty of marrying aims of cost-effectiveness, social benefit and political acceptability. A project of Russia’s Gazprom in partnership with a handful of Europe-based energy majors, Nord Stream 2 would double the existing gas supply pipeline’s capacity of 55bcm/year by 2019. It would also […]

LNG in the Med and topsy-turvy price trends

Observers of the French and Spanish gas markets over the last few months cannot have failed to note a mounting challenge to the traditional price structure in the region. LNG – both in terms of quantity and price – has played an important role in the recent shift. While historically Spanish AOC hub prices have […]

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