FCA fines Merrill Lynch International £13m for failing to report trades
22nd April 2015 by

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has fined Merrill Lynch International for incorrectly rep...

Provisional list for REMIT trading venues published
14th November 2014 by

ACER has released the provisional list of organised trading venues for REMIT. Any trades agreed thro...

ACER looks to establish open market places for REMIT
17th October 2014 by

ACER is looking for open market places to register for REMIT purposes. Under REMIT, open market plac...

REMIT trade reporting now likely in September
15th October 2014 by

I reported for ICIS on Wednesday that the European Commission looks set to extend the length of time...

Knowing what is in your REMIT
17th September 2014 by

As mentioned in this blog recently and in this ICIS story today, the implementing acts for REMIT ar...

Deutsche Bank fined for misreporting trades
1st September 2014 by

Consultant Avid Handler blogged about Deutsche Bank being fined £4.7m by the UK’s Financial Condu...