Ethylene Oxide (EO)

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Global Ethylene Oxide (EO) market growth is driven by increasing demand for consumer products and increased use of PET. However, it is generally constrained by uncertain demand in the automotive industry.

The textile industry is another major driver of demand. Ethylene Oxide derivatives are used for shrink-proofing, static prevention, mothproofing and to treat synthetic and natural fibres. The USA is the world’s second-largest exporter of fibre, textiles, and clothing, after China and India.

ICIS pricing data enables you to build and model trends, for a view of where markets might be heading. Our unbiased and independent reports feature current and forward-looking content with analysis of upstream factors and their relationship with downstream markets.

Based on verified deals and information gathered from producers, traders and distributors, our price assessments are widely used as contractual benchmarks. They provide a robust basis for negotiations.




ICIS global resources put regional developments in an international context. Our editors in London and Houston, provide a comprehensive view of the Ethylene Oxide market including corporate developments. We cover pricing trends, market news and market fundamentals in the USA and multiple countries in Europe.

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