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Plastic Waste Crisis: Virgin Polymers Growth Will Be Below GDP

By John Richardson

AS the demand for transportation fuels declines, oil and refining companies are increasingly viewing petrochemicals as compensation for this lost demand.  Their logic is based on the theory that whilst gasoline and diesel consumption is set to …

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Plastic Waste Crisis: How Polymer Company Early Adopters Can Win

Being an “early adopter” is never easy because of cynicism and scepticism. But what choice do we polymer companies have? None, if they really want to protect their revenues.


By John Richardson

POLYMER companies will lose billions of euros …

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Four Billion Tonnes of Plastic Waste And Counting: The Threat To Petchems Growth

By John Richardson

THE world will have produced a total of 6.9bn tonnes of the 11 synthetic polymers I’ve detailed in the above chart between 1978, when our data begins, and the end of 2017.

Using the assumptions behind an …

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Peak Oil Demand Opportunities For Petchems Are Being Over-Hyped

By John Richardson

THERE is a lot of excitement about new petrochemicals feedstock opportunities resulting from the approaching end of the road for the internal combustion engine, the rise of the electricity battery car and the related arrival of Peak …

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What I Want To Know in H2 – Part Two

Garbage out, garbage in

Source of Picture: The Daily Telegraph

Here goes for the second part of this series.

Is there anybody out there who can help?

How will the ongoing availability of recycled material affect the pricing power of …

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Another Opinion: China and Recycling

Source of Picture: The Earth Institute at Columbia University

I was speaking to a Singapore-based trader this morning over the reasons behind the polyolefin price rally.


Here are his views:

“A maor factor has been a lack of availability …

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