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China Coal-To-Olefins “A Net Water Producer”

By John Richardson IT has become the accepted wisdom over the last few years that the coal-to-olefins (CTO) process in China consumes a lot of water. This theory has been expressed in so many conference papers and in research papers that this “truism” is part of just about every discussion on the viability of CTO […]

China’s Polyolefins Supply Surge: The Bigger Picture

By John Richardson ON paper, the polyolefins supply surge in China during 2014 is huge as it involves: Some 2.2m tonnes/year of new  polyethylene (PE) capacity, according to this ICIS news article. No less than 4.1m tonnes/year of new polypropylene (PP) capacity. To put this into context, China’s total effective capacity was estimated by ICIS […]

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