Benzene, the need for a new global Industrial Revolution and the big challenges that lie ahead
30th November 2021 by

By John Richardson THE CHART BELOW shows that 60% of global benzene production in 2021-2040 is forec...

After the COP26 disappointment, the “blame game” will get us nowhere
8th November 2021 by

The implications of last week’s disappointing COP26 meeting in Glasgow are so complex and so numer...

New China HDPE import scenarios for 2021-2031 in the context of Common Prosperity
5th November 2021 by

    By John Richardson IF YOU THINK that forecasting the direction of China’s petrochemi...

China provides major climate hope as latest IEA report underlines that it is all about the developing world
18th October 2021 by

By John Richardson WHEN I worked for a UK local newspaper as a “cub” or junior reporter in the 1...

China’s less commodity intensive future requires major petchem strategic rethink
14th October 2021 by

By John Richardson THE THING about the collapse of China is that, like commercially viable nuclear f...

China petchem project cancellations on “common prosperity” may not mean higher imports
6th October 2021 by

By John Richardson IT IS BEING suggested that China’s “common prosperity” policy pivot, the bi...

Whether Beijing blinks over Evergrande is the biggest issue for global petchems
22nd September 2021 by

By John Richardson WILL BEIJING blink? The answer to this question could pretty much set the directi...

The developing world must be at the centre of every climate discussion and initiative
11th August 2021 by

By John Richardson THE LATEST Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report makes grim rea...

Every climate initiative must be road tested in the developing world – and adequate funding is essential
1st August 2021 by

The views expressed in this blog are, as always, my personal views and do not represent the views of...

The right analysis of China export data confirms moderate slowdown
18th July 2021 by

By John Richardson STATISTICS, if you do not look at them in the right way, can be very misleading. ...

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