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Asia needs a recesssion

Asian industry leaders are playing lip service to the environmental crisis the world confronts . George Monbiot, the excellent author and journalist, argues that what the West needs is a recession to give the planet a breather.Asia also needs a substantial economic slowdown to give policymakers and technology developers more time.

Asian biofuels face a big crisis

After all the optimism, all the hype and a lot of investors’ money, the industry has shot itself in the foot by failing to build demand ahead of supply. Plus the negativity caused by food versus fuel and environmental counter-arguments to supporting this current generation of technologies is making some Asian governments hesitate on providing […]

Can polymers rescue the Mile High Club?

Maybe Singapore airlines has got the wrong end of the stick by trying to ban first class passengers in their new cabins in the sky from indulging in a little hanky panky. Perhaps the answer is to equip the walls of these private cabins with super sound-absorbing polymers (polyurethanes, maybe?). Any suggestions from polymer experts […]

I wish the energy game were as simple as this…..

Click on the link here for a virtual way of boosting your green credentials without having to recycle one actual plastic bag, being knocked into the gutter by a gargantuam-bellied white van driver while cycling to work or cancelling one flight to the other side of the world to broaden your dinner party conversation – […]

Will the next World War be over water?

Please read this – http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/28/world/asia/28water.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all&oref=slogin Don’t worry, just keep concentrating on the short term – after all, all you have to do is keep your boss happy and make it through to retirement with loads of money in the bank. Or let’s assume you are worried. What can the chemicals industry do to address this […]

A load of bull or rational exuberance?

I was in India this week as the Times of India carried a front page cartoon of a bull dressed in a Superman outfit with an ‘S’ on his shirt to mark the Sensex surging past 20,000. All the talk was of the index taking 20 years to reach its first 10,000 with the second […]

Is the world heading for a naphtha crisis?

Quite possiby says International e-Chem and Wood Mackenzie in a new study which predicts that by 2015, China could have a deficit of as much as 35m tonnes. When you consider that total global output is around 300m tonne/year, this is quite staggering. On paper, China should be balanced on naphtha because of a huge […]

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