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How To Get Rid Of Management Consultants

Fed up with receiving those obscenely large bills from trendy management consultants populated by wet-behind-the-ears Harvard graduates? Ever thought that a great deal of commonsense is all you need to run a business rather than theoretical nonsense? These guys, as the Financial Times reveals in its article about the Japanese mob, have restructured without the […]

The Chemical Industry Blame Game

Produce too little energy over the next 35 years, says the International Energy Agency in this article from the Guardian Weekly, and there will be price hikes and a financial crash; produce too much and the increased rate of global warming will also result in economic disaster. The rest of the article leaves you with […]

Is India set to tank?

There seems to be a conspiracy of complacency about India. Read The Economist’s dire warnings. To be fair, the naysayers have been warning of an India collapse for years, But the longer that these imbalances are allowed to build, the greater might the collapse be when it happens

And is China about to collapse?

I am bored to death, sick to my back teeth, of attending conferences where the only view on China is one of almost exponential continued growth. Read this from Will Hutton, a top China sceptic for a sobering reminder that China has some major structural weaknesses. You thought the Asian Financial Crisis was bad? If […]

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