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Bringing the sceptics and the greenies together

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By John Richardson on 22-Feb-2007

The famous “Skeptical” environmentalist (unfortunately, the American spelling and therefore the wrong spelling), Bjorn Lomborg argues against the Kyoto Protocol in this article from the special green edition of our magazine, ICIS Chemical Business.He says, in short, that all the fuss about Kyoto is a waste of time and effort. Even if it is fully implemented, Lomborg agues that the rate of global warming will be set back by a mere five years.
And so he contends we should instead spend the huge cost of Kyoto – $150bn a year – on tackling HIV, malaria and other nasty diseases.
He is also in favour of an R&D tax equivalent to 0.5% of each country’s GDP to develop renewable chemical, fuel and other technologies. Read more about Mr Lomborg’s iconoclastic theories.
His approach would bring the sceptics and the greenies together, as the sceptics cannot deny that in terms of Peak Oil and energy security alone, dependence on the filthy black stuff has to be broken.