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China Muddle And Confusion Continues

By John Richardson The muddle and confusion that has characterises forecasts for Chinese chemicals demand continues – and with all this persistent uncertainty comes a great deal of nervousness about volumes in the second half of 2010. So far so good for this year, despite a 43% drop in bank lending during Q1 2010 compared […]

China Chems Liquidity Boost To Continue?

Lots more empty ones like these? Source of picture: http://www.chrismartenson.com   By John Richardson THE dramatic increase in China’s money supply during 2009 – the result of an estimated 10 trillion Yuan increase in lending over the previous year – might continue to support plastics and chemicals demand growth during the rest 2010, an industry source suggested […]

China: Yet More Record Imports

By John Richardson The extraordinary China import story continues, raising yet more questions about where all these volumes are going at a time when the government is trying to cool the economy down. Does this mean that speculation continues apace because of all the money still sloshing around the economy thanks to last year’s record […]

US Olefins Price Falls Could Be Turning Point

Flagging-up the dangers… Source of picture: http://www.illusionsofdander.com/2007/08/car-dealerships-and-flag-companies-may.html   By John Richardson THE recent 22% and 18% falls in US spot ethylene and propylene prices might be a sign that this yeat’s price rallies have been more the result of stronger crude and petrochemicals re-stocking and supply constraints than sustainable demand increases.  As my colleague Nigel Davis, editor of the Insight section […]

Was The Chinaplas Optimism Justified?

Too good to be true?,.,,,,, Source of picture: http://www.arico.tw/en/index.php     By John Richardson I VISITED the Chinaplas plastics exhibition in Shanghai late last month and was greeted with a wall of unremitting optimism. Here are a few samples of the incredibly bullish comments from senior industry executives (a fuller version of what was said […]

Good Chance Of Polyolefin Trough Delay

By John Richardson THE betting remains on trough conditions arriving for polyolefins at some point later this year with new supply expected to begin to severely lengthen markets towards the end of Q2. A temporary buying strike in China that dragged on for too long – following overbuilding of local resin inventories – has helped […]

Co-Monomer Shortage Provides LLDPE Respite

By John Richardson AN enormous amount of new linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) output should, in theory, be destabilising Asian markets right now due to recent start-ups and increased production at plants brought on-stream last year and in early 2010. But the big question is to what extent global production is being constrained by a shortage […]

China’s GDP Growth Out Of Official Comfort Zone

By John Richardson China’s first-quarter GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 11.9% – the number released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics – is way above the 9.5% that the chairman of a major local bank has reportedly said is the maximum the economy can sustain for the full year. “It (too-rapid growth) will […]

China Polyolefins Growth Forecast To Slump

Follow us on Twitter By John Richardson CHINA’s polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) demand growth is set for a dramatic decline in 2010-12, according to the latest estimates from Shanghai-based commodities information service CBI (see table at the end of this blog post). This year was probably never going to be as good as 2009 […]

Commodity Stockpiles A Risky Bet

  By John Richardson Inventories of copper, aluminium, lead and nickel have risen as prices for all these commodities have also surged, says this article in The Economist.   Source of graph: The Economists   Copper stocks total half a million tonnes in metals-exchanges warehouses in what HSBC analyst Andrew Keen describes as a market […]

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