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The Dangers Of A Three-Year-Old’s Attention Span

“Hello everybody – welcome to the island of Sodor. Time to flip your positions’ Source of picture: www.dragoart.com By John Richardson MY three-year-old son has, quite rightly, an incredibly short attention span. A child of that age should be overwhelmed with the excitement of lots of wonderful experiences and possibilities. But I would argue that […]

Corrected:Asian Naphtha-Ethylene Spreads Touch 2007 Levels

We should have originally written ‘integrated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in paragraphsix, but instead wrote linear-low density PE (LLDPE). It’s now been corrected and apologies for the error – we will be buying some better glasses (less of this “we” – it’s actually “me”!)   By John Richardson The rise in ethylene prices to what ICIS pricing says is […]

Refinery Profit Squeeze Threat To Petchems

“Any Old Iron?” Source of picture: http://www.investorfsbo.com/refinery.html   By John Richardson A LONG-TERM shift in refinery economics is posing a major threat to petrochemical margins – along with the delayed supply crisis that’s likely to hit the industry at some point over the next year. “Refiners, when the global economy was booming and particularly after […]

Is it time for price corrections?

By Malini Hariharan After experiencing steep price hikes over the last few weeks should seller start preparing for a fall? Signs of resistance and a slowdown in buying are being seen across a few products suggesting that price corrections may be imminent. ICIS news reports today that the price rally in PE and PP in […]

India still shining

The figures may not be as impressive as China but India too has been churning out some good growth numbers. The Index of Industrial Production was up 11.7% in November, the fastest pace of growth in more than two yeas. While growth was broad-based the consumer durables sector was a major contribution as production expanded […]

Asean-China FTA: Indonesian drama unfolds

By Malini Hariharan Eight years after agreeing to the Asean-China FTA (ACFTA) and a few days after its implementation the Indonesian government has succumbed to industry pressure to ask the Asean Council to renegotiate tariff reductions on 228 categories of goods across eight industrial sectors. In return, it has offered to accelerate implementation of tariff […]

Some more surprises for polyolefins

By Malini Hariharan The Wednesday post on this blog highlighted some of the unexpected turns that the Asian polyolefins market has been taking. There have been more developments over the last two days that are likely to influence markets in the short term. • ICIS news reports that Sabic will significantly cut its January and […]

No option but to bet on China

By Malini Hariharan Even as market players celebrate the finish of what has been an unexpectedly good year there are not many who expect a repeat performance. A key concern is Chinese demand which saved the industry in 2009. A massive government stimulus package boosted domestic consumption and imports of a wide range of petrochemicals. […]

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