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Europe, re-globalisation of PE prices and the challenges for 2023

AGAIN, PLEASE DON’T SAY I didn’t warn you. The chart below is an example of how PE prices have started to re-globalise. as I said they would when they began to de-globalise from March 2021 onwards.
What applies to the declining polyethylene (PE) price differentials between Europe and China applies to all the other countries and regions versus China. The pattern has been the same in polypropylene (PP) over recent months.

European polyethylene: Ukraine and the supply risks

By John Richardson SECURITY OF SUPPLY is a critical concern for European polyolefins producers and buyers because of the risks of interrupted Russian oil and gas supplies. You cannot, of course, run polyolefins plants without sufficient energy supplies. So, in order to support European readers of the blog, let me start with some headline energy […]

China’s HDPE market in 2022 will be a litmus test of how well Beijing can manage unprecedented challenges

By John Richardson CHINA’S INCREASING self-sufficiency in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), combined with the potential for slower economic growth, is a developing story which is obviously being overshadowed by Ukraine. But China’s decisions on operating rates – as much political as economic –- and on whether its sticks hard and fast to Common Prosperity reforms in […]

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