The pandemic, climate change, plastic waste and the great divide: the world in 2025
13th June 2021 by

By John Richardson NOBODY SHOULD be surprised that the developing world has fallen behind in the bat...

China polyolefins: key signals to monitor on whether 2021 slowdown is reversing
6th June 2021 by

  By John Richardson IT REALLY IS EXTRAORDINARY how commentators continue to use year-on-year c...

China will create petrochemicals deflation with the only question being how
16th May 2021 by

By John Richardson THE FEEDBACK I have received on my series of posts about the potential for rapidl...

Global polyolefins for the rest of 2021: supply to lengthen as demand muddle continues
2nd May 2021 by

By John Richardson SOMEHOW, despite the still very serious container freight shortages that have lim...

Iran may gain 48% of total China HDPE imports, 85% of LDPE imports by 2025 because of new deal
6th April 2021 by

By John Richardson IRAN and China earlier this month signed a wide-ranging economic and security agr...

China’s environmental policies: scenarios essential for impact on local and global petrochemicals
25th March 2021 by

By John Richardson WE MUST develop very nuanced, broad ranging and constantly updated scenarios abou...

China’s critical 2021 “two sessions” highlight major economic challenges ahead
14th March 2021 by

By John Richardson IT CONTINUES to surprise and disappoint me how every minutiae of the recent US pe...

China’s missing data still point to unclear direction for exports, petchems demand
9th March 2021 by

By John Richardson THE GOOD NEWS is that the total US dollar value of China’s total exports increa...

China’s “two sessions” in 2021 could easily set the direction of global petchems for decades to come
7th March 2021 by

By John Richardson DO YOU have a dedicated team studying the policy outcomes from this year’s meet...

Why it is obvious few, in any, conventional steam crackers will start-up after 2030
7th February 2021 by

By John Richardson I SAID TO a contact earlier this week that it was remarkable that a senior execut...

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