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China Govt Policy To Shape Petchems Demand, Pricing In 2018

By John Richardson

NAPHTHA feedstock costs are on the way up, which is of course the result of higher crude prices. So far this year, the naphtha cost for Asian steam cracker operators has averaged $479/tonne CFR China. But our …

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Buy small and local to survive

Chemicals demand still exists, believe it or not, but the new economic order -one that could last as long as six years – requires new approaches.

Purchasing managers need to start acting locally as well as globally.

Who would want …

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“Real” people start to suffer even more

I grew up in a small town called Bingley in West Yorkshire in the UK, where there are two major employers – the head offices of a building society (or what was once a building society, but became a failed …

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The weird and not so wonderful world of biofuels

The petrochemicals industry generally gets a bad press, but producers are unlikely to ever be charged with depriving the public of food. In fact, plastic packaging could go a long way to solving problems such as India’s – where 40% …

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